Schistocerca is the largest genus of Cyrtacanthacridinae containing about 50 species. The main morphological character that distinguishes Schistocerca from the rest of the subfamily is the shape of male subgenital plate. The genus has a bilobed male subgenital plate whose lobes are distinctly protruding.

The genus contains several locust species capable of forming an enormous swarm, consisting of billions of individuals, through density-dependent phase polyphenism. Most Schistocerca species are, however, sedentary and non-swarming grasshoppers that are ecologically diverse and have adapted to different environments. The genus is also known for its unusual biogeographic distribution where a single species, S. gregaria (Forskål) occurs in the Old World, while the rest of the genus occurs strictly in the New World. This transatlantic disjunction sparked heated debates concerning the origin of the desert locust among scientists.
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