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Jun 17, 2016

Summer is here and we are very busy!

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Posted by: entomos
Summer 2016 is a pretty busy one for the Song Lab! 1. Visitors: Salomon Sanabria-Urban is visiting from UNAM for 6 weeks to complete his revision of Sphenarium. Seth Yang and Lauren Yang are RAHSS and REU students visiting from Florida and will work until the end of July. 2. Travel: Lots of local and international trips planned. Ricardo is traveling to Europe to take type images of Pyrgomorphidae. Dr. Song is traveling to Argentina to work with the South American locust. Ricardo and Bert will travel to Mozambique to collect Orthoptera in July. The entire Song Lab will travel to Costa Rica in August to collect Orthoptera. 3. Research: Behavioral assays, taxonomic revisions, 3D imaging, phylogenetics, transcriptomics, genomics, and more...