Bert Foquet

Ph.D. Candidate


  • Bert's C.V.
  • Howdy, Bert here. I started my PhD at the Song lab as an international (Belgian) graduate student in January 2016. Prior to my acceptance, I completed a Bachelor and Master in Biochemistry and Biotechnology at the University of Antwerp (Belgium). During this 5 year study, my main focus was on human genetics. Since my childhood, my spare time interest, however, is on insects and Orthoptera in particular. I don’t like confined spaces for too long, so during my free time, it is likely you’ll find me outside, hunting for bugs. Combining the study of Orthoptera, field research and international travel, has always been a dream for me! At the Song lab, I will be studying the density-dependent phase polyphenism in the locust species Schistocerca piceifrons on a molecular level. This will involve using techniques such as RNA sequencing, RNAi-technology, behavioral assays,… I further look forward to travel to Yucatan in Mexico from time to time, to perform field experiments. As such, this PhD offers an interesting mix of both my previous field of study and my hobby.