Cody Gale (UG)

Undergraduate Researcher/RAMP Scholar


  • Cody's C.V.
  • I am a fourth year UCF student and this is my second year in the Research and Mentoring Program. I joined Dr. Song's lab because I wanted to do more field-based and hands-on research like genetics studies. My current project involves Schistocerca ceratiola, the rosemary grasshopper, and the chemical ceratiolin in its host plant, Ceratiola ericoides, scrub rosemary. I will be studying the role of ceratiolin in the grasshopper's natural history and doing molecular work analyzing population genetics. I was inspired to take on this project during the Wekiva Basin Bioblitz where Dr. Song explained to me that there was an endemic grasshopper with some unique traits that needs to be further investigated, and it happens to live in one of my favorite habitats. My main interests include chemical ecology and evolutionary biology but I am a hobby naturalist who enjoys plant collection and volunteering at the UCF community garden when I get the opportunity.