Jimin Noh (UG)

Undergraduate Researcher/RAMP Scholar

Email: jiminnoh7@knights.ucf.edu

I started out in the Song Lab in Spring of 2013 pinning various specimens collected by Dr. Song and others from Australia. Now I have started working on learning to use the Ocean Optics jaz spectroscopy suite as well as doing some colony care and hydroponic system for the lab. I also work at the Bug Closet on keying bees from around the world to it's proper family, genus, and maybe even species along with helping a graduate student, Karlie Carman, on her masters on looking at bee diversity across different habitat disturbance gradients. I would like to start my own undergrad research project perhaps on native pollinators, focusing on bees, and what visual aspects best attract them to a plant. I hope to continue my education further in graduate school and one day become a professor at a research university.