Shelby Kilpatrick (UG)

Undergraduate Researcher


  • Shelby's C.V.
  • Howdy! My name is Shelby Kilpatrick and I am a junior Entomology and Agricultural Leadership and Development double major at Texas A&M University. In Spring 2015, I was accepted into the University, Department of Entomology, and Leadership Honors Programs and I am currently pursing coursework to complete each program’s requirements. As a part of Honors Biodiversity and Biology of Insects (ENTO 301) this spring, I will be creating a checklist of the local Orthoptera in Lick Creek Park. My project includes verifying identifications of current specimens in the Texas A&M University Insect Collection from Lick Creek Park as well as collecting, imaging, curating and identifying new specimens over the course of the semester. After completing my undergraduate degree, I intend to pursue additional higher education and a career in entomology.