@ Texas A&M University (2015-present)

  • I teach Principles of Systematic Entomology (ENTO 601), a graduate-level course on theories on taxonomy and phylogenetics, every even spring semester.
  • I teach Field Entomology in the Tropics (Study Abroad in Costa Rica) (ENTO 455) every summer semester. Check out the course Facebook page!
  • I teach Biodiversity and Biology of Insects (ENTO 301), an undergraduate core course, every spring semester.
  • I teach Insect Behavior and Natural History (ENTO 627) every even fall semester.
  • I co-teach Special Topics in Professional Grant and Contract Writing (ENTO 689) every other fall semester with Juliana Rangel-Posada.

  • @ University of Central Florida (2010-2014)

  • I taught the second half (anatomy, physiology, behavior, ecology) of  Biology II (BSC 2011C) in every spring semester.
  • I taught Entomology (ENY 4004C/5006C) in every other fall semester in odd years. 
  • I taught Graduate course "Phylogenetic Approaches in Biological Research" (BSC 5937) in every other fall semester in even years.
  • I taught Integrative Biology (BSC 3930), which is a CAREER grant enabled course for undergraduate students in summer 2014.