Visiting Scholars

  • Sundus Zahid from Hazara University in Pakistan visited the Song Lab for six months to work on the systematics of Pakistani Pyrgomorphidae. (October 2019 - March 2020) 
  • Dr. Martina Pocco from CONICET (Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Científicas y Tecnológicas) in Argentina visited the Song Lab as a Fulbright Visiting Scholar for three months to work on the density-dependent phenotypic plasticity of the South American locust, Schistocerca cancellata. (September-December 2017) 
  • Daniela Santos Silva from UFV in Brazil visited to study tetrigids. (May 2017) 
  • Rachel Slatyer from the University of Melbourne (Australia) visited the Song Lab for a week to learn about grasshopper rearing. (November 2014) 
  • Oscar Salmon Sanabria-Urban from UNAM visited the Song Lab for six months. He worked on finishing the revision of Sphenarium as well as the phylogeography of Sphenarium. (June-December 2014) 
  • Giselle Muschett, a PhD student at Macquarie University in Australia, visited the Song Lab for about 6 weeks. She worked on a revision of an Australian wingless grasshopper genus Kosciuscola. (September-October 2013)
  • Dr. Rosaura Mayen-Estrada from UNAM, a world-renown protozoologist, also Ricardo's MS advisor, visited Song Lab for three days. (October 2012)
  • Paolo Fontana from Italy, who also accompanied Derek and Ricardo's trip to Mexico visited the Song Lab on July 2-10, 2012. While he visited, he worked tirelessly on several taxonomic projects. (July 2012)